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Cultural Diversity Consulting
Coaching Cultural Diverse Teams

Working in multicultural teams and project teams respectively represents a great challenge to everyone involved. Besides the usual structural and individual differences, multicultural teams have to be aware of their Cultural Diversity Consulting.

Multicultural teams deal with additional aspects of team building and team dynamics, such as

How does the team manage its diversity?

Which leadership model or management style shall dominate?

Which culturally different methods and models of decision-making are to be followed?

How and to which extent shall the cultural resources be used?

A clear concept on how to deal with these questions may be decisive for success in work and the attainment of one’s objective. The more consciously these decisions are made, the less is the chance that the cooperation is impaired by cultural misunderstandings or culturally conditioned conflicts. Members of multicultural teams are to a greater extent exposed to the risk of friction in cooperation and delays due to cultural misunderstandings. With growing work pressure and stress, the tendency for negative stereotyping increases.

By working on common targets and by defining the important aspects of cooperation, the members of multicultural teams are able to master potential areas of conflict and get the chance to work more effectively from the start.

Our long-standing experience in team development and organisational development enables us to adapt the programmes to the client’s objectives and focus on the cultural, organisational and individual aspects in a systemically relevant way.

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