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Cultural Diversity Consulting
Leadership Coaching

Do you lead a multicultural team?

Do you work with people from other cultures?

Do the same and peculiar misunderstandings and irritating reactions arise without delay?

The management of multicultural teams may result in an unbelievable complexity, arising from the needs of collaboration on the basis of different culture performance and business-worldviews.

We work with a systemic approach in cooperation with our client on his or her personal management strengths and performance, by

defining the cultural and structural specific needs,

analysing the potential effect on the organisation and its staff,

specifying the potential occurrences of conflicts and their dynamics,

developing and simulating several versions of interaction and performance,

checking these versions for suitability regarding the clients’ overall attainment of aim.

This also means that the client learns more about the influences of diverse cultural methods in making decisions, in forms of cooperation and in models for conflict solution.

The cooperation with people from foreign cultures means neither the unlimited adaptation of the different expectations regarding the style of management or leadership behaviour, nor the imposition of one’s own leadership preferences.

Consequently the coachee would be invited to reflect on and enrich his or her leadership style with different culturally adapted variants.

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