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Diversity Consulting in SMEs

The cross-border market as well as the management of multicultural staff in Switzerland require increasingly intercultural competences. The management of cultural differences is an additional challenge in SMEs, which normally have no specialised HR or International Departments.

In multicultural settings, the concerned line managerís culture-specific knowledge and competences should be an additional value for more effective cooperation and increasing efficiency.

Cultural awareness and knowledge mean, clients learn more about ...

the cultural patterns and models that lead the team and the project

the different interaction patterns that characterise the specific way of doing things

the cultural patterns and models that lead the company

the different interaction patterns that characterise other companies.

Working on diversity with culturally specific resources also means

regaining a certain distance to the system and its dynamics by

assessing current issues and facts

knowing more about the culture-specific expectations of the business partners

learning more about the weighing of priorities and formalities

being aware of differences in behaviour and management style.

We support you in these various issues with tailor-made concepts and a wide range of tools.

We have several years of experience in the structured and goal-oriented development of organisations and rely on a broad knowledge base regarding organisational cultures and ethnic or national cultures and their dynamics.

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