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Cultural Diversity Consulting
Conflict Moderation

Where people work, conflicts can arise.

In culturally divers management teams or project teams, the potential for conflicts is higher than in homogeneous teams and shows a tendency to increase with a wider range of Cultural Diversity Consulting.

Furthermore, it is often difficult to keep the different levels of conflicts apart, and people do not know whether:

A conflict arises due to different ideas and opinions resulting from facts and figures.

A conflict expresses the individual interests and goals.

A conflict arises from different interpretation and perception of the existing organisational values and norms, tasks and competences.

A conflict results from different cultural behaviour and attitudes.

In such cases, the cultural differences are frequently over-demonstrative and have to provide reasons for any kind of conflict. Even conflicts that arise from personal, structural or organisational ambiguity are explained by the so-called ‘ethnic or cultural incompatibilities’. As a consequence, the unsatisfactory situation develops and neither the conflict, nor the actual problems can be solved.

By means of an external moderation, which provides specific knowledge for differentiation of cultural-, individual- or system-specific conflicts and their dynamics, the causes of conflicts can be defined and some relief brought to the system. The following problem-solving process should be specifically designed and should lead to useful perception and a good result for everyone involved.

We are working with structured conflict-resolving models and rely on several years of experience in conflict analysis and conflict moderation, as well as a broad knowledge of organisational and cultural dynamics.

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