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Cultural Diversity Consulting Consulting
Our Ethical Attitude and Mode of Functioning

Our clients should be able to utilise the consultation for their practical activity and strategic directions as well as their social interactions.

They receive suggestions and can

supplement their own perspectives on their organisation and its dynamics

deliberate on their own professional situation

enlarge the activity options

optimise their professional activity

It is our concern to conduct the consultation process in a target-oriented and fair manner.

Fairness in consultation means for us

Creation of sustainable processes, from the first contact leading to the implementation stages.

To deal with clients as autonomous, self-accountable conversational partners and form the collaboration as a co-operative process.

We work on the principle that one cannot enforce changes, and/or the corresponding procedures are unethical.

The consultation process should also be an opportunity for professional, personal and organisational study for the clients.

The client has the right to know what step is taken wherefore, and what is intended by it.

Confidentiality goes without saying and relevant data is revealed to a third party only inasmuch as it is agreed with the concerned client.

We are certain, and have experienced, that the creation of sustainable processes generates a loyal clientele.

Reliability and trust are for us a constituent element of the consultation.

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