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Cultural Diversity Consulting
Developing Diversity Competences

Cultural competences are seldom simply endowed, but they can be developed to a great extent. Prerequisites are an open mind towards unfamiliar phenomena and the readiness to react to the unforeseen with new behaviour. That means the person must be well rooted in his or her own culture/s and must be capable of reflection.

The international manager should be ready to check his or her leadership style in relation to the cultural environment and the expectations of the team members, and should be able to translate his or her findings into a meaningful and therefore effective management style.

 The development of intercultural competences includes aspects such as:

becoming conscious of the one's own culture determination

knowing the dominant cultural patterns

defining clearly one's own culturally sensitive and independent position

consolidating one’s self-confidence and finding a broader range of interaction models

 A range of methods like the individual curriculum interview, analysis and reflection of the personal culture competences, hands-on exercises, awareness experiments, and the simulation of intercultural critical issues and case studies as well as a continuous structured feedback-system, supports our clients’ perceptions. It allows them to reach their goal of extended general and specific culture competences.

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